Humorous Love Poems

Have you ever shared any humorous love poems with that special someone in your life? How did they react? Well if you haven't yet, here's your chance. The funny love poem below talks about what love is not. I hope you enjoy it.

What is Love?

Love is something deep inside,
There is no book, or simple guide.
You cannot base it on age or time,
But hiding from it, is a crime.

Love is difficult to explain,
You must feel it in every vain.
Otherwise, it won’t be real,
In that case, it’s just a deal.

Love cannot be bought with money,
It won’t work, that’s just funny.
Love is priceless, not for sale,
In the end, it shall prevail.

by Martin Dejnicki
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Humans have been trying to define love since the beginning time. I won't try to do that. As you read in the above poem, it's a lot easier to list the things love is not rather than trying to define exactly what it is. Many people will define it differently, based on many factors. However, most people will agree that love cannot be bought with money.

Whatever emotions or good feelings that love brings you, I hope that you enjoy it and cherish it. I think it is very important to be very grateful when it comes to love. Unfortunately, many people lack it and are not as fortunate as others.

Well, I hope the love of your life laughs really hard, when you read the above poem to her/him. Cheers!

So I am told that you are looking for more humorous love poems. I know that there are at least two on this site that meet that specific request. The first one is right below.

Unique Love

I love you for of all your silly ways,
My inner thoughts, are often a maze.
I like the fact that we are rarely serious,
Add some red wine, and the word is delirious.

So many things we do are wacky,
If you look closer, they are a bit tacky.
But I would never want us to change,
Even though we are a bit strange.

The word I’m looking for is - unique,
I should probably let you speak.
But I am sure that you agree,
That our love - is the key

by Martin Dejnicki

So if you and your boyfriend/girlfriend are different and very unique than the above poem is perfect for you guys. However, if you are not as wacky or crazy than I recommend you check out stare at stars. The choice is yours.

Have you ever read any really humorous love poems? I am hoping that the one below will make you laugh really hard. You could always share it with your boyfriend to remind him that he should listen more. But if you are the boyfriend, you could make fun of yourself and share it with your girlfriend. Otherwise, you could always share it with your dog (except he might eat it).

Stare at Stars

As we lay there, and stare at stars,
You tell me how you love your cars.
But than I ask you, what about me,
You quickly tell me, that you agree.

I yell out - you’re not listening,
You reply and say, that I am glistening.
So I tell you, that I’m really mad,
You change the subject, when is grad?

I say I’m tired of this game,
You tell me to dribble and then to aim.
I finally snap, choose me or cars?
We laugh it off, and stare at stars.

by Martin Dejnicki

The message hidden within these humorous love poems is quite obvious. Listening is very important for any relationship to succeed. It doesn't matter if you have been with a certain person for a very long time, you still have to be patient and listen to what they say. If you don't, that person may feel neglected, and we don't want that.

I understand that we all live extremely busy lives. But you have to stop what you are doing each day and listen to your significant other for at least a few minutes ( I recommend half an hour). But anything is better than nothing. Personally, I have noticed that listening is very important right when your partner walks through the door (after being away all day, such as work or school). Ask how their day was, and when they start explaining, ask for more details. Now that's what I call listening. Because you are processing the information and asking questions based on the new information. Not just nodding your head like a donkey while watching tv (that's not listening, tv must be off).

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